Interesting Facts About IMMUNE SYSTEM

An immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease by identifying and killing pathogens and tumor cells. It detects a wide variety of agents, from viruses to parasitic worms, and needs to distinguish them from the organism's own healthy cells and tissues in order to function properly. Here are some interesting facts about this important system in our body :-

1. Getting under 5 hours of sleep a night has been shown to greatly depress immune function in your body.

2. In your blood, there are around 50 billion white cells whose only interest is to keep your body's natural defences in good condition !!!

3. When the immune system attacks a harmless substance or chemical in the body, it leads to an allergic reaction.

4. There are four phases of an immune response: Recognition, Amplification of defense, Attack and Suppression.

5. Some sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D and too much sunlight suppresses the immune system.

6. If you thought slathering on tons of antibacterial soap will help protect you, think again. The frequent hand washing can break down the natural oils on the skin that serve as the first line of defense for the immune system. In addition, overuse of these products opens the door for strains of common viruses and bacteria.

7. Laughter is the best medicine. This is not just an old saying but laughter induces a proactive immune response that leads to a healthy body.

8. Lymph nodes, the most important defense mechanisms of the body are not found in the feet!

9. Quit smoking! You can build your weak immune system within a month of quitting. There is increase in immune cell activity and cortisol, that is a stress hormone.

10. It is great way to overcome stress and fatigue by regular massages. But these beauty massages also help increase the number and aggressiveness of the natural killer cells and protective antibodies. This boosts the immune system to fight the invading bodies more efficiently.

11. Dieting reduces the number of killer cells, which leads to a weaker immune system.

12. Pumping excessive iron in the gym makes the body produce more cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones temporarily impair (make less effective) the immune function.

13. The environment plays an important role in affecting our immune response. Toxic substances, air pollution, pesticides and second-hand cigarette smoke affects the defense system of our body.

14. The first layer of our body is the skin and the mucous membrane acts as the physical barrier to the harmful organisms and substances.

15. The second protective layer is the 'innate immune system'. It acts as a short-term non-specific immune response. If this first and second protective barrier is crossed by the microbes, they encounter the third and more active immune response.

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