Interesting Facts About COCKATOO :-

Cockatoos are actually crested parrots, which are commonly found in Indonesia, Philippines and Australia. They are, as a matter of fact, the most popular type of pet parrots. They are available in number of different colors. Here are some Interesting facts about these beautiful birds :-

1. Cockatoos are incredibly smart and curious. They can figure out how to unlock the cage

2. These birds are known to have a very long lifespan. They may live for as long as 120 years.

3. There are as many as 21 species of cockatoo. Recognizing cockatoos is not a difficult task, as they have a very showy crests and curved bills. They are large in size as compared to the parrots.

4.Their Owner has to pay a lot of attention. If the birds are neglected or they are bored, they often tend to fall ill. In case they are bored or stressed, they can cause harm to themselves.

5. Cockatoos are very loyal and make up for very interesting companion to human beings.. An important part of cockatoo care is the right kind of food. The basic food is fruit and seeds. They like feeding on berries, nuts and roots.

6. One of the species to be kept as pets at home are the umbrella cockatoo. The name umbrella cockatoo derives its name from the crest on their head, which resembles an umbrella. One of the umbrella cockatoo facts is that they are very good at rot learning.

7. One of the species of cockatoo, who are very popular is the Moluccan cockatoo.One of the Moluccan cockatoo facts is that they are great at mimicking voices.

8. Cockatoos tend to be very prolific chewers and are even considered as one of the most destructive birds you can own. However, you can curb this habit just by buying plenty of chew toys to keep them busy.

9. Cockatoos are the only kinds of parrots that have head crests. They use the feathers on their head to communicate with each other.

10. Cockatoos may get loud, but if you teach them tricks, the noise may literally become music in your ears. They can dance, sing, and even do acrobatic tricks.

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