Interesting Facts About CRANE BIRDS

Cranes are tall birds with long legs. They are usually brown, white or gray in color. There are over 15 species of cranes. They are similar to egrets and herons in appearance. Cranes are intriguing birds. Here is list of some interesting facts about these beautiful birds :-

1. Adult cranes stand 5 feet tall and have a wingspan of up to 7 feet.

2. Their beautiful courtship dance has even been compared to an avian ballet. These birds are just as beautiful and graceful in flight.

3. The crane is the tallest American bird.

4. The Whooping Crane is the rarest species of crane with less than 500 living. The whooping crane is named for its loud bugle-like call.

5. Fossils dating back 6,000 years indicate the Sandhill Crane to be the oldest species of bird alive.

6. Cranes are omnivores. Their diet varies depending on the species but they may eat a variety of plants, reptiles, small mammals and other birds.

7. The average lifespan of a crane is 20 to 25 years. Sandhill cranes do not get their red crown until they are about 7 months old.

8. The Whooping Crane and the Mississippi Sandhill Crane are listed as endangered.

9. The biggest threats to cranes are hunting and habitat destruction. Cranes need large areas of habitat.

10. Whooping cranes have been known to fly as far as 500 miles in a day. The chicks of whooping cranes sleep standing up.

11. Some species of cranes are considered sacred in Asia.

12. Cranes usually build their nests in marshy areas and lay two eggs at a time.

13. Cranes can produce sounds that are heard at great distances due to their elongated trachea.

14. Cranes partake in an elaborate mating dance that involves quick steps, high leaps, stretching and even bowing.

15. Crane chicks grow very quickly and at two to four months they develop their flight feathers.

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