Interesting Facts About SPARROWS

Sparrows are small, plump brown-grey birds with short tails and stubby, powerful beaks. The sparrows are indigenous to Europe, Africa and Asia. Here are some Interesting facts about these creatures :-

1. They can swim to escape from predators, although they are not considered to be water birds.

2. Sparrows are around 14-16 cm long. They are chirpy, with grey and brown color. They have the ability to fly at the speed of 38.5 km/hour and can even reach a speed of 50 km/hour

3. The population of sparrows has been declining, as there is less food for them, because of fewer gardens. They are now on the threatened birds’ list in many parts of the world.

4. Sparrows have often been eaten as food. Sparrow pie was common in Britain in the First World War. They are illegally imported from China.

5. Sparrows have life span of about 4-5 years. Sparrows are generally not territorial, but they are quite aggressive when it comes to protecting their nest.

6. The male sparrow has a reddish back and black bib. The female has a brown back and eye stripe.

7. They prefer to live near human dwellings, especially if there are bird feeders. They are generally found in farming areas, cities and suburbs

8. These birds usually nest in cavities, but some may nest in bushes and trees as well. They build untidy nests of grass and assorted rubbish, including wool, feathers and fine vegetative material.

9. Sparrows raise three nests of 3-5 eggs. Both male and female helps to incubate the eggs for 12-15 days. The fledglings usually fly out after 15 days.

10. In cool season, sparrows build specially created roost nests or roost in streetlights, to avoid losing heat during the winter.

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