Interesting Facts About SEA HORSES

Sea Horse
The seahorse is a fish with a different appearance when compared to other fishes. They have a head like that of a horse, a tail like that of a monkey; a pouch to carry eggs like kangaroos and the eyes that to some extent resembles that of a chameleon. Here are some interesting facts about these interesting creatures :-

1. Seahorses have no stomach and no teeth. Food passes through their digestive system very quickly and thus they should eat constantly in order to stay alive.

2. They may not look like a fish but they are true fishes.

3. The small fin on their back can flutter up to 35 times per second. Currently about 35 species of seahorses have been identified.

4. The female seahorse lay eggs into a brood pouch on the ventral of male seahorse. Male fertilize these eggs in his pouch and he carries the eggs in his pouch until they hatch, then releases little hatchlings into the water.

5. They are commonly used in Chinese herbal medicines and it is estimated that as much as 20 million sea horses are caught and sold each year for this purpose.

6. Seahorses have very thin skin which stretches over their bony plates rather than being dressed with scales.

7. The oldest seahorse fossil recorded dates back to three million years ago.

8. Seahorses swim in an upright position. They make use of the pectoral fins that are behind their eyes to steer.

9. Seahorses can be found in different colours ranging from orange, red, yellow, green and at times grey.

10. Seahorses come in two common patterns, zebra stripes and spots.

11. The average lifespan of a seahorse in the wild is between 1-5 yrs.

12. There is a small crown on the head of the seahorse that can be compared to a human fingerprint.

13. Seahorses have the ability to move one of their eyes at a time.

14. A seahorse makes use of its extra long snout to suck food. They generally feed on tiny fish, plankton and small shrimps.

15. A two week old seahorse can consume as many as 3000 to 4000 brine shrimps in a day.

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