Interesting Facts About KIWI BIRDS

Kiwis are flightless birds, which are natives to New Zealand. Very little was known about these odd-looking birds, till the onset of the twentieth century. Kiwi birds are unique in their physical features, habitat and habits. Owing to these factors, these flightless birds are considered closer to mammals, as compared to birds. Here are some interesting facts about these birds :-

1. Kiwi birds are usually nocturnal, secretive and very shy, but can smartly outrun humans. It can also fight the enemy with the strong legs, which are mainly used for kicking and slashing.

2. Kiwi eggs are very large, in proportion to the weight of the adult female. Some eggs may reach one-quarter of its mother's weight.

3. The lifespan of kiwis is around 20 to 30 years. Kiwi bird is the national symbol of New Zealand.

4. Kiwi birds are nocturnal birds, having a great developed sense of smell, which is unusual by comparison with other birds from the world.

5. Kiwi brids are today in danger because their natural habitat was destroyed. The invasion of humans and their homes, made impossible for them to have the wild life they had before.

6. Unfortunately, the female kiwi bird, will lay only one egg each season.

7. Kiwi ooffsprings can look bigger than their parents because the hair they have on them is very fuzzy.

8. The body temperature of kiwis is around 38° C, which is almost two degrees lower than that of other birds, but slightly higher than humans.

9. The long beak of Kiwi is one-third the length of its body !!!

10. There are two theories behind the name 'kiwi'. One theory suggests that it is derived from the Polynesian name for the bristle-thighed curlew, the Kivi, which is a bird with long beak and possess the same feeding habits of kiwi. Another contention is that these birds are named after their shrill cry 'kee-wee kee-wee'.

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