Interesting Facts About FOOTWEAR

Footwear consists of garments worn on the feet, for fashion, protection against the environment, and adornment. Being barefoot is commonly associated with poverty, but some cultures chose not to wear footwear at least in some situations. Here are some interesting facts about Footwear :-

1. 4,000 years ago the first shoes were made of a single piece of rawhide that enveloped the foot for both warmth and protection.

2. In 1927, X-rays were used to help people find a fitting shoe. It was known as the Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope but was later destroyed due to health hazards

3. Before the 19th century, there wasn’t a left or right shoe. Both sides were identical.

4. The first lady’s boot was designed for Queen Victoria in 1840.

5. Six-inch-high heels were worn by the upper classes in seventeenth-century Europe. Two servants, one on either side, were needed to hold up the person wearing the high heels.

6. Sandals originated in warm climates where the soles of the feet needed protection but the top of the foot needed to be cool.

7. In Europe pointed toes on shoes were fashionable from the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries.

8. In Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries heels on shoes were always colored red.

9. Sneakers were first made in America in 1916. They were originally called keds.

10. The Bata Shoe Museum, located in Toronto, Canada, is the only shoe museum in North America.

11. In China one of the bride's red shoes is tossed from the roof to ensure happiness for the bridal couple.

12. In the Middle Ages a father passed his authority over his daughter to her husband in a shoe ceremony. At the wedding, the groom handed the bride a shoe, which she put on to show she was then his subject

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