Interesting Facts About CROW

Crows are known for their adaptable characteristic as they can survive in a variety of habitats, from the icy polar areas, woodlands, plains, mountains, to farms and urban areas as well. Numerous researches were made on the life and habits of crows. Here are some interesting facts about Crow :-

1. The first crows appeared in Miocene, 17 million years ago, in Australia and Oceania.

2. Crows are considered to be very intelligent creatures and have existed since a long time due to their ability to adapt to changing situations.

3. A crow has been observed while eating the nuts that initially it couldn't crack. The ingenious bird put the nuts on a highway so that the vehicles to pass over them. The bird was so intelligent as it placed the nuts only under the wheels of smaller cars.
4. They are known to be both beneficial as well as a nuisance for farmers. Though they eat up a number of pests that may destroy crops like cutworms, grasshoppers, etc., they are also known to destroy a large number of crops by pecking on them!

5. Crows are migratory birds and assemble in huge groups in order to migrate during fall and winters, since they cannot stand harsh climate.

6. A bunch of crows is called as ‘MURDER’ !!!!

7. Crows are usually black in color all over, but some species are not totally black and are found with white, gray or brown coloring around the neck or the beak.

8. The Common Crow measures around 20 - 30 cm in length and has a wingspan that is double the size. Their strong and sharp beaks help them rummage for food from almost anywhere.

9. The average number of eggs laid by the female is 4 - 7. Both male and female take turns to guard the nest and the male takes the initiative to incubate them.

10. Crows have a varied and evolved language. They can mimic the sounds made by other animals, and they learn to associate noises with events, especially with the distribution of food.

11. With a preference for coniferous trees, crows build their nests in woods or isolated trees at least sixty feet above ground.

12. Within recent years, crow populations have expanded in urban and suburban areas in the Northwest.

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