Interesting Facts About GUAVA

Guava is a versatile fruit that is cultivated in tropical areas all over the world. It is excellent when added to salads or as flavoring in desserts. Here are some interesting facts about this Fruit :-

1. Guava has been around so long that its origin has been lost. It is thought to have originated in Central America or Mexico. It has spread throughout the world both by man and nature.

2. There are about 150 varieties of gauvas, with round to pear shaped fruit that range in size from one to four inches in diameter.

3. Guava have 100-500 small seeds, which are edible in some varieties; there are also some seedless varieties.

4. Guavas have 4 times the vitamin C of oranges, and are also rich in vitamin B1 and vitamin A.

5. Consumption of guava juice can be helpful in fighting constipation, high blood pressure, congestion of lungs, high cholesterol levels etc.

6. There are a wide variety of guava varieties available. Guavas are generally round or oval-shaped with green or yellow skin. The interior flesh can range from white to dark pink.
Beautiful Guava Flowers before Fruits

7. They are easy to grow in these areas since they grow fast in the right conditions and can produce fruit as early as the second year from a seed.

8. The fruit is not the only part of this tree that is used. The leaves and wood are also sought after. Wood is sought after for decorative purposes. The leaves are popular in obtaining a black dye for fabrics and for medicinal purposes.

9. Guava is an excellent source of fiber, almost 70 times more fiber than can be found in an orange!

10. Other key nutrients in guava are are vitamins B2 and E, calcium, copper, folate, iron, manganese, phosphorus and potassium.

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